Current Progress

Hades (Pluto) – God of the Underworld has been completed 🙂

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Lefteris Koukakis is the founder of and a vivid researcher. One of his passions is Greek Mythology and using his skills, wishes to share this knowledge with everyone. His goal is to make the reading more interesting and for that reason he supplements it with Art Pictures.

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7 thoughts on “Current Progress

  1. Robert Terno says:

    Next God Hypnos please. Thanks

  2. Demetrius says:

    Try Hercules

  3. JA23 says:

    The pantheon looks amazing I’ve never found a website like this. Absolutely love the pictures. Everything’s fine but Hestia, Goddess of Home and Hearth, Last Daughter of Kronos and Rhea, needs to be added to the pantheon.

  4. katrina jansen says:

    it’s so interesting and informative.. hope to see more updates like persephone..

  5. Donald Trump says:


  6. Demetrius says:

    Hecate or Titan War

  7. connor says:

    you should include demigods too

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